Prophetic Word for the 29th of September 2021

Prophetic Word for the 29th of September 2021 - Your work will begin

You are prepared and ready and now your work for the heavenly Kingdom will begin. The white rider will go forth over the earth and the seal tribulations will start. It is time to serve me as never before.

You have asked me many times when your new destiny will appear. It is time I say and I have sent my son to return for the children and the bride. Once the stone is thrown everything will fall into place.

Your work will begin

The harvest time has come and the fields are white. I am sending my warriors into the nations to seek my lost sheep and to set them free from the New Egypt and the upcoming Pharaoh.

You will work like busy bees who will go out every day to collect the golden nectar and return to their beehive. Each and every time when you go out into the dark world you will seed light that will allow the ones who belong to Satan to come out of her.

Your work will begin

It was a long journey of preparations, wildernesses and fires but now your time to shine has come. You will be my beacons of light in the dark night that will come over the earth.

I have selected you well and I know that you will finish this race of the harvest with all of my souls that I will guide you too. Not even one lost sheep will be forgotten. My workers are ready to enter the fields.


Triple Grace

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