Prophetic Word for the 29th of May 2022

Prophetic Word for the 29th of May 2022 - They will not believe

I have warned them over and over again. But they will not believe. Neither the words that I gave you nor the appearance of the Holy Spirit. They still follow their idle shepherds in the sleeping churches.

Do not worry when they will not accept the truth that you will speak forth. They are not ready yet and therefore they need to enter the Seal tribulation. i must shake them awake.

They will not believe

If the majority of my children would not be lukewarm or sleeping then there would be no need for a harvest, harvest workers and warriors. I could just establish the Millennium Kingdom of my son Jesus and much suffering could be avoided.

But they are not ready and they do not understand nor see it. They reject my words and they do not recognize the voice of their shepherd. Some of them even start to fight with my chosen vessels.

They will not believe

Leave them in my hands. I will deal with them. Each and every one will receive the reward that he or she deserves. The battle will be decided at the end. I will shake the Heaven and the earth to wake my churches out of their slumber.

Years of indoctrination by the enemy and falling to the temptations of the world have made them lukewarm to my Kingdom. They seek worldly pleasures over my heavenly Kingdom and deny the power of the Holy Spirit. All this will be added to their books of life.


Triple Grace

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