Prophetic Word for the 29th of May 2021

Prophetic Word for the 29th of May 2021 - Listen to my voice

I am the one who were calling you into my Remnant Army. Nobody else can do it. You are qualified because I searched your heart and found you worthy to bring in my harvest of the ages. However, you need to listen to my voice.

I will send you into places that you have not known before. I will guide you to the lost sheep that need and can be rescued. Not all of the lost will see Mount Zion. Some have given their entire life to the enemy.

Listen to my voice

It is me who are asking you to fufill certain tasks so that I can bless you beyond measure. It is me who will choose leaders for the great Exodus when the time will come. I am the great I AM and I am in control of the end times.

I am using messengers, prophetic voices and warriors to reach out to you with my plans to elevate you into your new place. To cope with all this you need to remove your worldly understanding and trust me with a childlike faith.

Listen to my voice

Do not go astray and claim that my mouthpieces are acting on their own agenda. Listen to the messages and find my underlying voice so that you receive clarity of my desires and my plans.

I am in control and I have chosen the vessels for the harvest. Nobody can qualify for my remnant army with any worldly deed. It is my mighty power that will and has chosen the ones who will serve me as never before. Listen to my voice and do not reject my messages.


Triple Grace

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