Prophetic Word for the 29th of June 2022

Prophetic Word for the 29th of June 2022 - Vanishing

Millions of the little ones and the brides will vanish from the earth once I open the portal to Heaven. They will be taken into the other dimension and from there to the Third Heaven.

At the same time darkness will come onto the earth and all those events will start that will let the people on the face of the world be trapped in the snare. Fear will be in their mind.


The Innocent will not suffer at the hand of an evil and wicked generation. I will make sure that the Escape of the Innocent will take place before these events will start. I am snatching millions away from this world.

A whirlwind will be seen and experienced as in the times of Elijah when I sent a fiery chariot to carry him to me. The patterns will repeat themselves over and over again. I am declaring the end from the beginning.


My Harpazo is coming for all those who have made themselves ready to escape all those things that will come onto the earth. The Escape of the Innocent is my true Harpazo and I sent visions and dreams to many of my children about it.

They might not have understood it correctly but they were informed and warned of the consequences if they are not part of it and not part of the brides. My churches are sleeping and they do not want to accept the truth that I have sent through my mouthpieces in this moment of time. They will see the Harpazo and the vanishing of millions of innocent children of mine.


Triple Grace

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