Prophetic Word for the 29th of August 2021

Prophetic Word for the 29th of August 2021 - Overflowing scourge

You are overrun by an overflowing scourge and instead to turn to me and my Kingdom you trust your wicked rulers. You have made an agreement with Death and Hades saying that you will not be touched by this scourge.

I am telling you that I will come against you and that your pact will be made null and void. You will not escape and the scourge will bind you into bondage and slavery. I gave you enough warnings.

Overflowing scourge

Open your eyes and see what the enemy has done to ensnare you. See the scourge in every nation and on all continents. Satan asks you to come into agreement with him to save your life but the ones who try to save their lives will lose it.

O, you wicked generation, out of fear you have entered into the agreement with Death and Hades and have even taken you children through the fire of Moloch. Trusting in the promises of the enemy instead of my words.

Overflowing scourge

You proud people saying that the scourge will not affect you because you have taken the toxin. I will make your high places low and your houses empty. I will give you into the hand of Satan that you have chosen.

You will be stricken with panic when your neighbors will fall on your right and your left. Then you will realize that you have been given over to a delusion to believe the lie. Then it will be too late and the snare has sprung.


Triple Grace

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