Prophetic Word for the 28th of September 2021

Prophetic Word for the 28th of September 2021 - The Game is over

Both sides, the Kingdom of God and the evil one, know that the game is over. There is nothing anymore that Satan can do to change the outcome. He has lost all battles already and judgements have arrived at his door.

The game is over and all what is written in the scriptures will be fulfilled. No agenda or plan of the enemy can change that. This moment of time has brought us so close to the end of it all.

The Game is over

However there is one last thing that Satan can do to avoid immediate destruction. He can prolong the time and by doing so hoping that he might find a way out of the upcoming end.

Therefore he has planned to reverse time and to place a snare about the whole world. To bring them into his New Egypt and to make them slaves under the new Pharaoh. This is not the solution for his problem but just an act to gain more time.

The Game is over

He needs to come out of linear time or his fate is permanently sealed. A snare, a loop, will spring that will allow him to use time as a tool to avoid the inevitable - his judgement.

He will try to loop his minions forever, to prolong time indefinitely so that it will never come to his judgement day and in this way he will become a god over the little gods on earth.


Triple Grace

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