Prophetic Word for the 28th of November 2021

Prophetic Word for the 28h of November 2021 - The Light of the Brides

You will walk on a new path covered in the light of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This light will be your mantle that you carry on your missions into the enemy territory and into the darkest valleys.

It is this Light that will allow you to walk as the images of your bridegroom and that will bring in the harvest for the end times. The world will see a great light through all the harvest workers.

The Light of the Brides

The Light will bring forth the truth and the truth will set the captives free. The lost sheep will see this light and will hear the voice of the shepherd who is calling for them.

Seek the lost and bring them to the truth of the heavenly Kingdom. Break the bond that ties them to the enemy so that they can make a decision to stand either with the world or with my Kingdom.

The Light of the Brides

The chosen vessels as the brides of Christ will carry the light that He brought into the world at his first coming. It will now complete the gathering of the House of Israel and will allow the rescue of the multitude in white.

My son will bestow this light onto his brides who have volunteered for the harvest work. The time is here when the world will see a great light again. It is the mantle of the Sons of Light in the upcoming battles.


Triple Grace

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