Prophetic Word for the 28th of May 2021

Prophetic Word for the 28th of May 2021 - Spread my Love

The great harvest is all about my love for the whole creation. My love and mercy that I am sending out into the darkest corners of this fallen world. My love that is manifested through my harvest workers.

Unending and unconditional love for the lost sheep and the sleeping churches. I yearn for my prodigal sons and daughters to return into my open arms and into my heavenly Kingdom.

Spread my Love

Satan will not succeed in trapping my creation forever and ever. I am sending my remnant army to enter his places and to set the captives free. My harvesting brides will stand against the enemy and his new Pharaoh.

This new Egypt is a place build on sand and my mighty storm will take it down. A storm full of lightning and thunder. A storm that will bring righteousness into the last corners of this world.

Spread my Love

Love is in the air and my love will cover you like a mantle. You are my representatives on earth and will promote my heavenly principles of love, mercy and compassion in a fallen world.

Show my love to all who are willing to receive it. Carry it as a shield and buckler and make it your bulwark and fortress. My heavenly love will allow you to rescue so many souls who otherwise would be lost. Spread my Love!


Triple Grace

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