Prophetic Word for the 28th of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 28th of March 2022 - Common Goals

We share common goals between Heaven and Earth. In allowing evil to rise I have started the end times for many unawares. The duality of good and evil is seen in the nations and darkness is covering the world.

Heaven and Earth is merging together so that sin will be pushed out. This is a common goal we share. We hate the sins committed on a daily basis and we seek to destroy the evil empire.

Common Goals

The world will see that the powerful warriors are coming from my heavenly Kingdom and that the share the truth of Heaven. They will stand as my witnesses in the nations to proclaim that the end has come.

Common Goals will give them the strength they need and I see them as my personal ambassadors on earth. Living and exercising the principles of Heaven of Love, Mercy and Compassion.

Common Goals

You belong to my royal household of Heaven and not to the world. Your destiny will be found in Paradise after you have finished your final race strong. My son Jesus will meet you soon to give you all that you need.

My Remnant Army of Zion is sharing the common goals of my Kingdom with the world. They are my fighters and mouthpieces in an evil and wicked generation. The common goals of the harvest and the defeat of the enemy are setting them apart. They belong to me.


Triple Grace

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