Prophetic Word for the 28th of June 2022

Prophetic Word for the 28th of June 2022 - My Spirit

I have sent my Spirit to all my chosen vessels in the world to declare that the time is now. I am ready to open the portal in Heaven and the stone will be cast. My son Jesus is returning to the world.

My spirit has activated many voices who proclaim that the time is now and that I will bring judgement onto the earth. When you hear these voices know and understand that my Spirit dwells in them.

My Spirit

This global awakening of many of my children to the truth is part of my Masterpiece. The voices must become one and be aligned as my planets are aligned right now. Therefore I sent my Spirit into the World.

It will all begin with the portal and my mighty hand that will move across the nations. A flash of light will heal the sick and my harvest workers will receive their transformation into my power.

My Spirit

The enemy has also recognized the time and is preparing his worldly army to be ready for the great event. He will explain the vanishing with lies and deceit but my harvest workers will speak the truth of heaven for all to hear.

There will be a great shift in time and space once all is starting. The new apostles will be anointed first and my son Jesus will preach repentance for 40 days. Then the harvest will begin with start of the Seal Tribulation. My Spirit is moving on earth.


Triple Grace

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