Prophetic Word for the 28th of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 28th of June 2021 - Seeing the hand of the Lord

How many of the children have seen my hand? I am telling you not even one. My mighty hand will come through the portal and you as my chosen vessels will see it. It will bring the light that will transform you.

I am coming to rejuvenate and strengthen you for your purpose and destiny on earth. In your old bodies you would not be able to run the race without fatigue but the new bodies will not grow weary or become tired.

Seeing the hand of the Lord

A body that can run swifter as a horse, that I can teleport to any destination required and a body that is able to carry the light of my son Jesus. You will walk as his images on earth.

My mighty hand is ready to reach down to the earth and not only to transform my Remnant Army and true ambassadors but also to remove the children under the age of accountability to rescue them from this wicked generation as I have protected Moses and my only begotten son when he was in danger of death.

Seeing the hand of the Lord

Stand ready to receive the light that will change you forever. Allow the transformation to happen as the one's who belong to Satan allow him also to transform them through the pharmakeia. I revealed to you the duality of the moment.

Good and evil will stand in opposition on the battlefield and both sides are using the knowledge and the wisdom of Heaven to accomplish their goals. Remain steadfast because my Kingdom will overcome the enemy. Soon you will see the hand of the Lord!


Triple Grace

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