Prophetic Word for the 28th of July 2021

Prophetic Word for the 28th of July 2021 - The Man and the Peace Plan

Which man will bring forth a true peace plan? Have you seen a man who has placed his focus on the my Holy Land? Who has done something great for Israel? You say his time has passed but I tell you that you will see him again.

Why was he not walking on the straight path? He sat on the table with the enemy and made deals with Death and Hades. He was a friend to the future beast and connected him to my Holy Land. Why?

The Man and the Peace Plan

He has a role to play and as a kind of Cyrus he needed to be friendly to both sides. He is also fulfilling his destiny that I have given to him. He is the last Trump and as such he will be part of the Trumpet tribulations.

Does this make him holy? No, but I am choosing leaders that will bring forth my agenda. At the end it will be his choice where he will stand at the battle of Armageddon. He has free will as all of my creation has.

The Man and the Peace Plan

His time will come again and in those days a true peace plan will be drafted and signed. A plan that will allow my scriptures and my prophecies to be fulfilled. Some of them old has hundreds of years.

Everything that I provided through these messages will come to pass and the man will bring forth a peace plan. The focus will be on my Holy Land, the temple and Satan with his two beasts. I have warned the world that this will come to pass. Do not believe that the time of Mr. T has passed. He will return.


Triple Grace

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