Prophetic Word for the 28th of January 2022

Prophetic Word for the 28th of January 2022 - The destiny is opening up

Can you feel the change that is coming for your body and soul? Can you feel the shift in the atmosphere? I have called you out of the world and now your destiny is opening up.

Great changes are coming to your life and you need to listen to my voice so that you can finish the final race strong. Walk with me the narrow path that will lead to eternal life.

The destiny is opening up

The wait is over and many of you see and feel the changes in their bodies and hear the call of their souls towards my heavenly Kingdom. Much of that what I have shown you is coming to pass now.

Remember the dreams and visions I gave you and know that they are being fulfilled now in the physical. The world is also being prepared for the seals as war is imminent between the nations.

The destiny is opening up

Watch the sky and listen for the Shofar because my son Jesus is coming for the brides. You will walk with him for 40 days as Jonah preached repentance to Nineveh. This is the marker of the beginning of the seal tribulations.

Stand ready especially in the upcoming month to receive the gifts and mantles that I have stored up for you. No more doubts and no more suffering but active Kingdom work for the great harvest that will bring in the multitude clothed in white. Your destiny is opening up.


Triple Grace

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