Prophetic Word for the 28th of February 2022

Prophetic Word for the 28th of February 2022 - Walking the Path

I have set you on the new path and you walk it already. You are not running yet but small steady steps will lead you into your destiny. The final spiritual preparations is upon you.

My ways will finally become your ways and great changes are proclaimed starting from the month of April when my plan will go into the physical manifestation. You will experience a great shift.

Walking the Path

This new path will lead you to Mount Zion and the rapture of the Churches at the sixth seal but you will not stand empty handed at its base. You will be there with offerings in your hands.

The great harvest will have been brought in and then protected in the Safe Havens I am calling forth in the nations. At the end the 144000 and my angels will collect them from their places of refuge.

Walking the Path

A new path is given to you as harvest workers and warriors. A path so narrow that you might walk in a single line but this path will lead to everlasting life outside of the world and its temptations.

My path is laid before you and you have begun to walk on it. The first steps are always the most difficult one but I am sending you my son Jesus to walk with you and to cloth your with the mantle of light. You are walking the new path.


Triple Grace

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