Prophetic Word for the 27th of September 2021

Prophetic Word for the 27th of September 2021 - The Gathering

It is time for the first gathering of my children and the Leah brides. My angels are standing ready to remove from your time line. The great vanishing will come over the earth.

Millions of people will have disappeared. And the world will stand in perplexity. The first gathering of my wheat harvest has come. This will not be the rapture of the church but the escape of the innocent.

The Gathering

My angels are receiving the final instructions so that this group can be at a certain place at 3 am. Do not question my words nor seek more clarity about it. All is for the good of the children and my Kingdom.

These firstborn of the harvest will be taken to the third heaven where I will take care of them until the day when my circular time will reunite them with their loved ones. If you seek my Kingdom and its righteousness first then you will see your children again.

The Gathering

It will be a vanishing - a disappearance of millions of my chosen ones. They will just simply be taken out of your linear time line and so they will not exist in it anymore. I am a merciful God and this is the removal of the innocent.

Further harvests will follow but many need to and will go through the seal tribulations to clean their garments in the blood of the lamb. Then finally I will rapture my church (Acts 2.0) at the sixth seal. Prepare now for the vanishing.


Triple Grace

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