Prophetic Word for the 27th of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 27th of October 2021 - A long list

I have prepared a list of my brides, warriors, harvest workers and heroes for such a time as this. This list is very long but not as long as it could be. Only the ones who have made themselves ready and volunteered are on this list.

My scribes are transferring these names into the Book of Heaven for an everlasting record. And then the list will be handed over to the angels who are in charge of the upcoming transport.

A long list

A list of my heroes for the Kingdom. Warriors in Christ Jesus who have diligently sought my Kingdom and watched for the return of my Son. They have brought glory onto their heads and so have I counted them worthy to escape all these things.

Their names will be written on the walls of New Zion and at its gate so that my powerful warriors can enter the resting place at any time. The choir in Heaven is singing their names in gratitude.

A long list

I rejoiced when I wrote each and every name knowing that their heart, mind and soul belongs to my Kingdom and that they have overcome the world by walking the narrow and righteous path to the end of the first seven years.

Now these warriors and heroes will start a new race that will allow them to fulfill their destiny and purpose by bringing in the harvest of the ages for me, their true Father. They will be successful as they were in their first race. They are accounted worthy to be my true Sons and Daughters.


Triple Grace

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