Prophetic Word for the 27th of May 2021

Prophetic Word for the 27th of May 2021 - The Transport

I have placed my head angels in charge of the upcoming transport of my little ones and part of the Leah brides to the third Heaven. Plans are put forward and resources are prepared for this event.

If you would be here now you would see groups of angels receiving orders for this glorious moment. They are going in and out to secure the necessary transport to collect and gather my little ones.

The Transport

I see a table at which the ones in charge are discussing the timing of the event and who must be where when it happens. List of angels are prepared for certain countries and regions so that all can be taken in the same moment.

The children will be taken so very soon to be in a certain place at 3am. The Leah brides will follow and will go to the wedding chamber. All is prepared and the final touches are being made.

The Transport

A worldwide event will follow that most people would not believe even if I told them. My best organizer are on duty and my most loyal angels will take care of the little ones so that none get hurt.

An army of warrior angels are standing ready to secure the event against any demonic activity that might be send against it. It is all prepared and it will all come to pass so very soon. Trust me. I have all in control.


Triple Grace

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