Prophetic Word for the 27th of January 2022

Prophetic Word for the 27th of January 2022 - Wealth Transfer

In your past you tried to serve me in many ways but most of the times the world interfered and resources were not available. This will end now. In the new Season there will be a wealth transfer and those who were poor will have everything the need.

You will be able to fulfill all the plans that you made for your destiny and my Kingdom. Places will be established that I will call holy and mine. The dwelling places of Zion will be built.

Wealth Transfer

You will have enough resources to reach every lost sheep that I am showing you and you will gather the harvest for the Glory of my Kingdom. A wealth transfer is coming from the world to my kingdom.

My Remnant Army will gather the spoils of war from the world. They have overcome it and nothing that the world offers is of any relevance to them. Worldly blessings will laid down before my throne.

Wealth Transfer

I will bring my chosen vessels together so that the war chest will be filled for the upcoming battles. My Army will not get stranded or be without a camp or place of safety. I will make sure that they have all the resources needed.

Now is the time to bring your worldly blessings into the Kingdom by supporting the Safe Havens and by filling the war chest. I will take you out of the world and you do need worldly resources anymore. The wealth transfer is here.


Triple Grace

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