Prophetic Word for the 27th of December 2021

Prophetic Word for the 27th of December 2021 - Now!

Now the time has come for the shift and many of my children are not ready. Some have even returned to the world over the holidays. I am calling my chosen vessels right now even if some are not ready.

Now is the time when you must stand before the Son of Man. Now is the time when I will enlist you in the Remnant Army of New Zion and now is the time when the harvest of the ages will begin.


Where you not seeking the timing from me? Have you not prayed to know the day of my son Jesus? Now is the day and I see you standing in perplexity. Why are you so overwhelmed when the end times begin?

Have I not prepared you well? There should be no fear nor any doubts in your mind. I have raised powerful warriors for such a time as this. Believe that you are much stronger than the world and the enemy.


My son Jesus is coming for the brides and you need to go out to meet him. The union between Heaven and Earth is here. I am calling all of my harvest workers into action and duty in the nations.

Do not follow the world and embrace the fear that is spreading. Instead walk the new path of your destiny and purpose and make sure that your name is written in Heaven. There is a muster call going on. Your name will be called now!


Triple Grace

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