Prophetic Word for the 27th of April 2021

Prophetic Word for the 27th of April 2021 - No Leaven

These are crucial times in which I seek my true sons and daughters to promote them into their destinies. Crucial times are at hand for the whole earth. This is the time of my Passover.

I will pass you over with a whirlwind to take you up into the sky and to release you again in your new place. There you will serve me as never before. These are crucial times for the world and the Kingdom of God.

No Leaven

You need to keep the temple clean. Which temple? The temple of your body. Stay out of sin, out of leaven and I do not mean the food law of the past. Seek me and my Kingdom and forsake the world.

Love your neighbor, do good every day and support my voices whenever you can. Be a good Samaritan and a foundation builder of my new beginnings. Stand in the gap for my lost sheep and in unity with my harvest workers.

No Leaven

Follow my instructions and listen to my voice. When I ask you to pray for someone do it without delay. These are crucial times. When I call you into unity to build hedges of protection around people and communities then do it now and do not wait until it is a better time for you.

Guard your mouth and tongue. Speak in a holy manner and do not seek any confrontation. Show love to everyone and especially your enemies. Treat your children and parents in a godly manner. Show respect to elders and the ones who guide you on the path. These are crucial times. It is Passover and the time for no leaven.


Triple Grace

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