Prophetic Word for the 26th of September 2021

Prophetic Word for the 26th of September 2021 - The little ones

I have not forgotten my little ones and I see that they are in grave danger to be manipulated by this evil generation. They will be used to bring forth the agenda of the enemy and to function as carriers of the toxin.

I see it all and I am sending my son who who will take the little ones by the hand to walk with them into the third heaven where I can protect and care for them until the time when they can be united again with their parents.

The little ones

A great vanishing is coming over the whole world and the people will stand in perplexity not knowing was has taken place. My chosen vessels know the truth but the world will seek answers.

Such answers can't be found through worldly leaders or just human thinking but the truth rest with me and my Kingdom. Only if you return into my open arms will you ever see your children again.

The little ones

Do not listen or follow the many theories that the world will bring forth such as aliens have come or sun radiation has caused the vanishing. The evil side will find many excuses to explain my mighty hand.

Trust only in me and then you can be sure that the day will come in which I will reconnect you again with your vanished children. Do not mourn for then but rejoice that they are now with me.


Triple Grace

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