Prophetic Word for the 26th of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 26th of October 2021 - I made a Covenant

I made a covenant with you at the time of Noah and Abraham and now I will give you the dominion so that you can become a true co-heir of the throne. The first dominion will be given to the daughter of Zion.

You are all my sons and daughters of Zion and over all of your places will I put a hedge of protection and a covering. You are called into the battles and into your destiny and purpose right now.

I made a Covenant

You stood with me and my Kingdom when the world used the sign of my covenant for shame and evil. The paraded under my sign in lust and perversion. How long will I look on? When will my judgements fall?

The cup of this evil generation has run over and now is the time for my son Jesus to break the seals. Tribulations will come over the whole earth. Wicked generation, your cup has run over.

I made a Covenant

I love you all who obeyed my words, listened to my revelations and followed my messengers. For you there is great reward stored up in Heaven. You have overcome the world and stayed on the narrow and righteous path.

You are truly called my sons and daughters of Zion. You will walk as Kings and Priests on earth and I will bestow onto your the mantles needed to rule in this first dominion. You kept my laws, my commandments and honored my covenant.


Triple Grace

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