Prophetic Word for the 26th of November 2021

Prophetic Word for the 26th of November 2021 - Sea of Glass

You are standing before the sea of glass and you will enter all eternity with me. The sea pf glass represents my total creation over time in which you will do the harvest work for the Glory of the Kingdom.

It also represents circular time so that I can declare the end from the beginning. That all that is created right from the beginning will be fulfilled at the end so that the restoration of all things can be done.

Sea of Glass

You will step into the sea of glass and be part of my creation in a new powerful way as my chosen vessels for such a time as this. Your destinies will be lived in time and space.

Take your hands and dip them into the sea of glass to experience my powers and to see the past, present and future coming together in my masterpiece of the end times. Do not be afraid. You are prepared well for this moment.

Sea of Glass

I am sending you into the sea of glass so that you can help the world to deal with the flood because the enemy is taking my souls captive in New Egypt. Through the sea of glass we can walk always together no matter how dark the valley is.

You will walk my ways and I will connect with you as never before. All this will be possible once you are part of the sea of glass and move spiritually and physically through space and time.


Triple Grace

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