Prophetic Word for the 26th of May 2021

Prophetic Word for the 26th of May 2021 - My little ones

My little ones are in great danger. Evil and wicked people who are in many cases part of their own family want to give them the poison that they have created to enslave the whole world.

These little ones can't fight for themselves or run away from their families. They need my protection and I have decided to take them home. They will be removed from the earth in one moment to find themselves in the third Heaven in the other.

My little ones

The angels are standing ready to reap the harvest of the innocent. My heavenly portal will open and the children under the age of accountability will vanish. I will also take the unborn out of the wombs of their mothers.

Nobody is tampering with my creation and is doing any harm to my small ones. I have rescued Moses and Jesus from the hands of wicked rulers at a time when they could not defend themselves and so will it be again when they try to make my children to suffer.

My little ones

No one really believes that I am coming for the children and even most of the bride of Christ is rejecting my words that I have given to some of my voices to warn you ahead of the event.

They will see my might and power when the children have vanished and my words have come true. I am a merciful God who will not allow the suffering of innocent children. This upcoming event will be repeated at Mount Zion and just before Satan will walk the earth. My words will stand for all eternity. My little ones will vanish from this fallen world!


Triple Grace

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