Prophetic Word for the 26th of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 26th of March 2022 - The suffering Servants

I see many of you suffering in the places you stay and live. The enemy and even your own families are coming against you. Don't you know that you are called the suffering servants until the moment when my son Jesus will come for you?

You suffer us as my only begotten son suffered when they rejected and mocked him. To you much was revealed and given but the world can't comprehend it and they will continue to deny the truth.

The suffering Servants

To some of you the enemy has even sent sickness and losses. But rest assured that the transformation and restoration is on the way. I will make you whole again and the enemy will restore your losses 7-fold.

Rejoice as a suffering servant because this shows your role and destiny in the end times as my vessels and as the images of my son Jesus on earth. When the world will go down then you will go up.

The suffering Servants

Remember that I am with you always and no matter how difficult your situation is and how strong the enemy attacks you, I have you in the palm of my hands and no one can snatch you away from me.

You are my chosen vessels for such a time as this. My suffering servants that I will lift up with the powers from on high so that they will be victorious on all the battlefields against the evil flood.


Triple Grace

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