Prophetic Word for the 26th of January 2022

Prophetic Word for the 26th of January 2022 - The little ones

I have gathered the little ones and walk with them hand in hand. They are chosen to vanish from the earth now in the Escape of the Innocent. It is time for the world to see my heavenly powers.

Millions will vanish alongside of them as the first fruits of the wheat harvest to be redeemed from earth. This event will help my harvest workers to rescue the lost sheep in the world.

The little ones

The children have found their shepherd and are resting now at my bosom until the portal opens for their destiny in the Third Heaven. The part of my bride who will go with them will be chosen now.

Praise reports will be heard soon from them who have encountered me at their doors. The time for the wedding of the Leah brides has come. Right thereafter I will walk with the other brides for 40 days on earth and then the harvest will begin.

The little ones

It is time for the fulfillment of my promises that I return to take you home. The first fruits right now and then at the sixth seal the ones who are destined to Paradise. The harvest must be brought in.

The little ones who are called are ready to be removed from the world as a sign of the end times to begin. The Glory of the Kingdom of God has come down onto the earth and the world will stand in perplexity. The little ones are gathered and will vanish soon.


Triple Grace

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