Prophetic Word for the 26th of December 2021

Prophetic Word for the 26th of December 2021 - I have them

I have promised you to take care of the innocent and the little ones. In this moment I can announce to you that they were all gathered for such a time as this and will soon be taken into the third Heaven.

The gathering of the innocent ones is complete and now is the moment when my son Jesus will come for the brides. So very soon you will hear their praises in the nations. They will rejoice with their bridegroom.

I have them

Their collection will fulfill the escape of the innocent to my Kingdom and will allow my Son to break the seals so that the next seven years can begin. The gathering of the innocent marks the end of the first seven years.

How did they rejoice when they met my son in all kind of different places. When he took them in his arms and told them that they will go home now into Heaven. They will come to meet their Father soon.

I have them

The end of their gathering is the beginning of the wedding when my son is seeking the brides who have made themselves ready for the union. I see them in eager expectations watching the sky and the horizon from their windows.

My son is on the way and soon the doors to the wedding banquet will be opened. Many guests are waiting already in front of the hall to be allowed entry. This great union will be celebrated soon. The children are gathered and the brides are ready.


Triple Grace

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