Prophetic Word for the 26th of April 2022

Prophetic Word for the 26th of April 2022 - Gather the Children

Many of the little ones suffer needlessly in this wicked and evil world. I have mercy with the children of my children. It is time to gather the children for their escape into the Third Heaven.

If only all my children would act and be like the little ones then the Millennium Kingdom could start right away. They love me with all of their heart and they have child-like faith towards their Father in Heaven.

Gather the Children

I am sending the angels to seek the ones that I have chosen for their destiny with me. They will be gathered and marked so that on that glorious day not even one of them will be missing.

The world will stand in perplexity when millions of children disappear and many parents will cry out to me. I will console them with the truth that their little ones are now with me.

Gather the Children

I am ready to open the portal in the Heavens and to throw the stone onto the earth. At that time the Escape of the Innocent will take place. These are the final moments of preparation.

Soon, so very soon, will the children be gathered and marked for the great and terrible event that will shutter the earth and will bring wailing into the nations. My chosen vessels will be ready to speak the truth that the little ones are now with me.


Triple Grace

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