Prophetic Word for the 25th of September 2021

Prophetic Word for the 25th of September 2021 - Come out of her

Do you hear the final warning? Do you understand that my long suffering will now come to an end? Or will you continue to trust your governments and worldly leaders? It is time to come out of her.

Babylon will fall if they do not change and repent. I am calling my children out of the great city into safe places so that they will not fall with the wicked generation that remains in the world.

Come out of her

It is better to sleep in a tent and rescue your soul then to find your death in an comfortable apartment and bed. I have warned the world that the enemy is trying to bind them into slavery but they refused to listen.

They place their jobs and amenities still over my calling. Many of them say that I am a myth and that there is neither Heaven nor Hell. They will find out very soon that hell exists.

Come out of her

When the great city Babylon will fall then all other events that are prophesied will follow like dominoes in a straight line. The end times will have begun and nothing can stop the coming wars anymore.

Once my son Jesus will break the seal the fate of many who place their trust in worldly solutions will be sealed. They will either fall with Babylon or they will be taken into New Egypt by Satan. Come out of her.


Triple Grace

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