Prophetic Word for the 25th of May 2022

Prophetic Word for the 25th of May 2022 - Destiny or World?

Have you chosen wisely? Will you volunteer to be part of my harvest or have you chosen to remain in the world? Tribulations are coming and you need to be as close as possible to my Kingdom.

Is it not written that the Seals will bring war, famines and pestilence? Thereafter Death and Hades will rule the earth. My scriptures will come to pass. I have warned you long enough.

Destiny or World?

I will separate the goats from the sheep in these coming tribulations. Sin must be removed from this world so that a New Heaven and a New Earth can be established at the end. I love all of my creation.

My truth has been reveled and many have woken up from their slumber to enter their destinies but others have ignored the words I sent and the revelations I have given. Woe to the world when the new Pharaoh takes control.

Destiny or World?

There are many blessings stored up for the ones who have chosen my Kingdom over the World. New gifts, mantles and resources will come to those who will seek the lost sheep to set them free.

Each and every volunteer for the harvest was taken up by me, formed and pressed into a beautiful vessel, so that I can show them now to the world as my new creation for the Millennium Kingdom. Have you chosen wisely?


Triple Grace

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