Prophetic Word for the 25th of May 2021

Prophetic Word for the 25th of May 2021 - Now

Now is the season and the time. Now you will step into your destiny and purpose on earth. Now you will become the lights of Heaven walking through the world. You were prepared for this moment in time.

Now you will see the Heavens open and my mighty hand will take you to the places prepared for you. Now will the transformation and rejuvenation take place that will allow you to finish the race strong.


It is now that I will send my only begotten son Jesus back to the earth for his bride. It is now that the chosen and separated ones will enter the Glory train that will bring them into their new place.

It is now that the enemy will try to trap the whole world by creating a new Egypt. It is now the new Pharaoh is coming up out of his hiding place. It is now that the times will change forever.


Now will my mighty Remnant Army rise to stand against the evil flood that will come over the whole earth. Now will my mighty warriors take the battle to the gates. And now will my chosen walk as the images of my son Jesus in the world.

Now all will begin and my Glory will return to the world. Heaven and Earth are merging together and I have come to push sin out of it. Justice is coming for all the blood that was shed by the wicked. Now is the time of my return!


Triple Grace

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