Prophetic Word for the 25th of February 2022

Prophetic Word for the 25th of February 2022 - It has started

I let my voices prophesy over Wars and rumors of War and now it has begun. This is just the beginning of sorrows and other nations will now see their opportunity to follow the bear.

Brothers will come against Brothers and Sisters against Sisters. You see the red rider of Revelation coming onto the scene. Do not be afraid because I have prepared you well for this moment.

It has started

Another war will come between Iran and Israel and between China and Taiwan. This is the time when peace is removed from the earth. I have warned my sleeping churches but they did not listen.

They never talked about prophecy or the Book of Revelation but were seeking their own Glory. Now they will wake up and will see my scriptures unfolding in the next weeks and months.

It has started

The world has become a different place as it was foretold and the first attack is launched. This will not be the end of strife but just the beginning and the whole world will be placed into tribulations.

Get ready to stand on many battlefields for my Kingdom and be ready to be taken before Judges and Kings to testify for my Son Jesus Christ. The Seal tribulations has started and you are part of it. Either as my harvest workers and warriors or as the ones that will become slaves to New Egypt.


Triple Grace

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