Prophetic Word for the 25th of December 2021

Prophetic Word for the 25th of December 2021 - The Light has come

Do you see the light returning to the world? My son has arrived for the children and the brides. It is time for the next seven years and the harvest of the ages. You are called into your destiny.

Soon you will wear the mantle of this light as witnesses of my son Jesus on earth. I am sending you into the nations and through time and space to seek the lost sheep who have falling to the vanity of the world.

The Light has come

It is time to bring my children home and to rescue the house of Israel from the bondage to Satan. They were dispersed over the whole earth and mingled with the gentiles to become one.

Now I am sending my chosen vessels to gather them and to prepare them for the rapture at Mount Zion. The mission of my only begotten son to be the light of the world and to rescue the house of Israel will be fulfilled.

The Light has come

Stand ready to meet your bridegroom who is coming to take you into the places prepared for you. The brides have made themselves ready and the Shofar is blown. My son is approaching from the horizon.

Open the door quickly when he knocks so that the union between my son and his brides can commence. The wedding table is prepared and the guests are invited. Soon the two will become one. Your Light has come.


Triple Grace

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