Prophetic Word for the 25th of April 2022

Prophetic Word for the 25th of April 2022 - Take them home

Many of my children have gone lost in the world and fell for the temptations of the enemy. They place the cares of the life over my heavenly Kingdom and they have become my prodigal sons and daughters.

Unfortunately there are many in my churches that belong to this category and apart from certain lip services they live and serve the world. They did that for a long time and they are afraid to return home.

Take them home

I am sending you to these lost sheep of the House of Israel to show them the truth of my Kingdom so that they can make a decision that will set them free from the bondage to the world and the enemy.

Seek the prodigal sons and daughters in all places that I am sending you into. I know which of my lost sons and daughters can be rescued and which ones are lost forever. I will guide you to those sheep that will listen to my voice.

Take them home

Then you will stand in their gap against the evil and wicked side and you will show them the path that will lead to my holy mountain at which I will rapture the harvest into Paradise.

I am waiting for my prodigal sons and daughters with open arms at the portal to Heaven. Serve me as never before by seeking them out and guiding them home. You are my harvest workers and warriors for such a time as this.


Triple Grace

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