Prophetic Word for the 24th of November 2021

Prophetic Word for the 24th of November 2021 - The children are gathered

My son has finished the gathering of the children and now it is time to visit the brides. Soon you will hear testimonies of his visitation. Leah will stand before the Son of Man first.

The Rachel brides will be the last to be gathered but they will be with him during the whole harvest time of Seals. My son Jesus is coming for the brides to collect them into the Third Heaven or New Zion.

The children are gathered

You have heard the voices of the little ones who saw Jesus right in front of their eyes and you as the brides will also meet your bridegroom now. You had prepared yourself for this moment in time.

Now the two will become one when my son will gather the brides from the four corners of the earth to clothe them with his light and glory. The moment you are all waiting for is here.

The children are gathered

Stand ready in your beautiful wedding dress. Ready to receive your Lord and Savior who is coming to call you home. He will abide in you and you in him so that all what is written will be fulfilled.

The glorious day of the gathering of the brides has come. The Heaven is rejoicing over this wonderful union. The gathering of the first fruits of the wheat harvest and the harvest workers is now. My son Jesus will knock at your door.


Triple Grace

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