Prophetic Word for the 24th of May 2022

Prophetic Word for the 24th of May 2022 - From Spirit to Light

It is the time for change. A change from Spirit to Light when the Light of the World will return to the earth. Not in the way as many of my children or the churches think. My son is coming for the brides.

First I poured out the Spirit over the earth for the last seven years and many of my sheep have woken up to the truth of Heaven. Denouncing the doctrines of Lucifer and not listening anymore to the idle shepherds in the churches.

From Spirit to Light

I have taken them out of the World, Babylon and the lukewarm churches to fulfill their destiny and because all of my creation has a free will they volunteered to remain to become my harvest workers.

They received dreams, visions and revelations as never before. The truth was given to them so that they can pick it up and run with it for my Glory and to set the captive sheep free from the bondage to the enemy.

From Spirit to Light

I planted mighty ministries in the last seven years and many of my chosen vessels will become strong warriors in my Remnant Army. Some of them I will promote to leaders, to captains of 50s and 100s.

In the next seven years they will all receive their orders from my son Jesus either through New Zion or later at the altars in the Safe Haven built by the new apostles in the nations of the World to store my glorious harvest so that no soul will get lost.


Triple Grace

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