Prophetic Word for the 24th of May 2021

Prophetic Word for the 24th of May 2021 - Walking in the Light

Soon you will walk in the light. In the light of your Lord and Savior Jesus when he returns for his bride. Walking in the light means to serve my heavenly Kingdom as never before.

I have searched your heart and found you worthy to walk in my light for all to see. You are chosen and separated for your destiny here on earth. Many people were called but few were chosen.

Walking in the Light

You will represent my throne and my Kingdom wherever I will send you. Your light will shine into the darkest corners and it will bring relieve to the ones who suffer at the hand of Satan.

Your light will guide the lost sheep back onto the righteous path that will lead to Mount Zion and into my open arms. You will bring in a huge harvest as it is written in my scriptures - a multitude that nobody could number.

Walking in the Light

My light will surround you and it will seem as you are clothed in this powerful light. Your whole body will shine as never before and many people will be drawn to this light and be saved by it.

My true ambassadors on earth are walking in my heavenly light. Allow this light to be your full armor when you go into the dragon layer to set the captives free or when you battle with demonic forces to reach the people in the prison of the new Egypt. It will be this light that will defeat Antichrist at the end. Walk now in my light!


Triple Grace

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