Prophetic Word for the 24th of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 24th of March 2022 - Not alone

Understand that you are not standing alone but that I am with you always. I have sent my son Jesus so that the bride and him will become one. Once you understand this wonderful union new doors will open.

But you also need to stand in the gap for one another so that I can see the Unity in my harvest workers and powerful warriors in the nations. You are not standing alone against the evil flood.

Not alone

Step forward now, seek the other harvest workers and walk in unity for the whole world to see. My true sons and daughters are of one accord, one faith and they serve one King.

It is time to bring all of my chosen vessel into the union with Heaven. They will be placed on display in the nations and all will know that these belong to me and my heavenly Kingdom.

Not alone

I will send you out two by two as the sign of this heavenly union and as powerful witnesses for my Kingdom and my son Jesus. Two by two you will seek the lost sheep and bring them the truth that I have revealed to you.

This is the 222 season that starts the Seal tribulation in which my chosen vessels will be my representatives and witnesses on earth. A great harvest will be the result of their Kingdom work. Stand together in unity. You are not alone.


Triple Grace

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