Prophetic Word for the 24th of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 24th of June 2021 - Standing at the door

I have sent my son to collect his bride and he is standing at the door. On the other side of this door is his bride waiting in eager expectation and now is the time to open this door.

You both are standing at the door and you both will walk over the threshold of time. A perfect timing for a perfect bride. My son can't wait to hold you in his arms and take you to his prepared place.

Standing at the door

The door symbolizes both leaving and arriving, both closing and opening. When you close one chapter a new one will begin. Death and Birthday at the same time. And also another Christmas day when the light will return to the earth.

You will close the door twice. Once when you come out of your old life and close the door to the past and twice when you close the door after entering your new home. You are standing at the door.

Standing at the door

Close the broad door of the world to enter the narrow door of my Kingdom. By doing so you will not only become the wife of my son but also return home to Zion where you belong. I have waited for you for a long time.

Time will be no longer and I will transport you through Space and Time into your destiny and new home. The powers of Zion will be available to you. I will give all dwelling places of Zion rest, peace and blessings. The door will open now!


Triple Grace

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