Prophetic Word for the 24th of July 2021

Prophetic Word for the 24th of July 2021 - Take your seat

The plane is ready and I am have called you to the departure gate. Now take our seat and enjoy the ride. I am taking you into your purpose and destiny right now. Nor more delay. The time has come.

Take your seat and relax because you are now in my hands. You have proven yourself worthy to escape all those things that will come onto the earth. I have challenged you on the way and you have passed the tests.

Take your seat

Enjoy the flight and all its comfort. First stop Mount Zion for the wedding of Leah and then many of you will continue with my son Jesus to the place prepared. You will enter New Zion to fulfill your destiny.

My son will be with you for 40 days and the world must repent or the storm will come. If they do not repent then you will become my powerful remnant army that will bring in the harvest.

Take your seat

But before that rejoice that your names are written in Heaven and that you are invited to the wedding of the lamb. The banquet hall is beautifully prepared and then whole heaven is waiting for your arrival.

Take your seat now after you have passed the boarding gate. This is the final call to board the plane that will carry you into your destiny. On that plane will be rejoicing and singing because you will realize that your pilots are my angels. Your white token is your boarding pass. Take your seat.


Triple Grace

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