Prophetic Word for the 24th of August 2022

Prophetic Word for the 24th of August 2022 - Marching onto Jericho

You have entered the promised land and now you are marching towards Jericho for the first battle with the enemy. My powerful warriors are ready to do mighty battles for the Kingdom.

On the way I will strengthen you even more and you will meet your Commander in Chief Jesus. Yes, you will be standing before the Son of Man so very, very soon. It is time to manifest the light of the world.

Marching onto Jericho

This first battle of many will decide if the world will be opened up to the truth of Heaven. It will allow my harvest workers and warriors to enter places that were previously closed.

The walls of the world need to come down so that they can listen to my ambassadors in the nations. They will declare my Kingdom to the lost sheep boldly. There will be no fear in them.

Marching onto Jericho

The enemy will try to stop my warriors and will resist the taking down of the walls but my power will overcome the world and the harvest of the ages will begin. Spread the truth of Heaven to all who want to hear it.

At that moment my harvest workers and warriors will become the rocks in the storm and the beacons of light in the darkest places. You are marching towards Jericho to take down the walls of the world.


Triple Grace

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