Prophetic Word for the 24th of August 2021

Prophetic Word for the 24th of August 2021 - Patterns are not the Event

Many of my children are so far ahead of me and my masterpiece because they see the patterns and believe this must be it. Patterns are given so that you are informed of what will happen in the future.

And you will also see patterns to events in the year that they will actually happen but after times and laws were changed and the snare was brought forth by Satan to cover the whole earth.

Patterns are not the Event.

Many of you believed that in 2017 the rapture of the Church would take place because you saw my sign of Revelation 12 in the sky. It was given to you as a reference and pattern to understand what will follow.

When Satan will change times you will go back into the Future Past and you will come back into a new 2017. At that moment the patterns from the linear time of 2017 will be turned into the event.

Patterns are not the Event

Now many have seen the fall of one of my nations to the enemy and how easy the take over was. Immediately many of children started to announce that the Abyss would open in the next days. You are far ahead of time.

The year of 2021 is the year of the opening of the Abyss but only when you have passed the seals and the first half of trumpets. The snare of the enemy has not taken place, the sixth seal not and I have not yet sealed the 144000 or appointed my 2 witnesses. Do not run in front of me or I can't cover you under my wings.


Triple Grace

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