Prophetic Word for the 24th of April 2022

Prophetic Word for the 24th of April 2022 - The tables will turn

The enemy thinks that he has achieved a great victory with his toxin and the bondage of the world. But I will turn the tables against him so that the harvest of the ages can be gathered.

I will destroy his strongholds and will replace the darkness with the beacons of light in the nations. My harvest workers and warriors are ready to seek the lost sheep of the House of Israel.

The tables will turn

The evil wind will be bound at the four corners of the earth so that the new apostles and disciples can enter their destinies and can fulfill their purpose in the nations as my true sons and daughters.

I will restrain the enemy in his positions until the harvest time and revival will be over. The Antichrist will not be able to persecute my churches and my saints before I will give the command to my angels to release the winds.

The tables will turn

In this time of great revival the enemy is required to repay all that he has stolen and I will add new gifts, mantles and resources so that a multitude clothed in white that no one can number is harvested in due time.

The schemes of the evil one will come to halt and many leaders who belong to him will be replaced. Idle shepherds in my churches will fall and will make way for the new leaders that belong to my heavenly Kingdom. The Safe Havens will be built with my blessings when I turn the tables.


Triple Grace

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