Prophetic Word for the 23rd of September 2021

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of September 2021 - When the Heaven opens

Get ready for my mighty move. When the Heaven will open then you will experience my Glory on earth. My love will overwhelm you and you will be transformed into an even closer image of my son Jesus.

The days are at hand when the Heaven will open. My end times must begin now so that all scriptures will be fulfilled. No more delay and no more time for the enemy to prepare for his evil empire either.

When the Heaven opens

The final days of this wicked generation have come. Soon they will see events that they always have denied. My son Jesus walking the earth, Babylon will fall and Hades flooding the world.

Both sides, the side of light and the side of darkness have prepared for this day and now we are standing at the threshold of the seal tribulation. The riders are prepared to move out when my son will break the seals.

When the Heaven opens

Once my mighty hand has appeared the events will take place one after the other. Like dominoes falling in a straight line. Nothing can then stop my glory from coming down onto the earth.

But first the harvest must take place. The last grace period before my wrath will fill the earth. All is standing ready for my Heaven to open. Jesus is coming to walk with you for 40 days.


Triple Grace

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