Prophetic Word for the 23rd of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of October 2021 - Hear the call

I am calling my warriors into duty. The time of mighty battles has come. The army of the enemy is ready to overrun the earth. The new Egypt will appear in the upcoming days. Stand ready to be placed on the battlefields.

My call has gone out and my son Jesus will meet the first brides soon. Understand that the seal tribulation is at hand and that a major event is on the horizon that will change laws and times.

Hear the call

Prepare, prepare, prepare! Put on your full armor, grab your bag and check your weapons. The call has gone out to armor up and to wait for the transport into the battle zone. My army is rising now.

They will be mighty warriors standing against the evil flood that has come over the whole earth. Powerful warriors of my Kingdom who retain the last light in a fallen world. Warriors who enter the dark places to seek my sheep and to set them free.

Hear the call

Understand that there is no more delay and that the war can't be stopped. Peace was taken from the earth and the battles will be taken to the gates. My army of the Sons of Light will stand against the Sons of Darkness.

My call has gone out for the Remnant Army of New Zion to enter their destiny and purpose on earth but at the same time my heavenly army is preparing also to support my earthly warriors in every battle and against any demonic spirit. Hear the call and stand ready.


Triple Grace

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