Prophetic Word for the 23rd of May 2022

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of May 2022 - Strength, Power and Glory

I have seen your suffering. How many in the churches have come against you with slander and false accusations. Many mockers and scoffers stepped forward to deny the truth in your words.

I have seen it all and you will receive a reward for your diligently seeking me and my Kingdom. For watching the horizon for your bridegroom Jesus Christ and for standing against the evil flood.

Strength, Power and Glory

You will receive new gifts, mantles and resources that will bring strength, power and glory to your ministries and destinies. Right from the beginning of the new seven years so that you will stand victoriously at the finishing line.

I have stored up many blessings for my true and faithful servants who did not get influenced by the churches or the world. Who spread the truth in the face of much opposition. They are my true sons and daughters.

Strength, Power and Glory

To walk as an images of my son Jesus you need to love me as he does. That makes you a ready made bride for him and a perfect daughter for me. Then I see that my work in your heart, mind and soul was successful and that you belong to me alone.

My chosen vessels are ready to be placed into the nations to bring in the harvest of the ages. I will help you on your new path with Strength, Power and Glory from my heavenly Kingdom.


Triple Grace

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