Prophetic Word for the 23rd of June 2022

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of June 2022 - No delays

There was never any delay in my Masterpiece of the End Times. Just wrong timing of my children. All will come to pass according to the laws of Heaven and my timing that I have set for the Seal tribulation.

No matter how much you yearn to be with me in the Third Heaven. The event will take place according to my time schedule and all that was planned long ago. Even at the time of the creation of it all.

No delays

I never delayed the coming of my son Jesus for the brides and it is perfectly laid out for the great union to take place now. The two must become one so that the Book of Revelation can be fulfilled.

It is starting now and all who claimed that I, as the Father, delayed my judgements will be proven wrong. They spoke from their own agenda and where blinded by the enemy. There was never any other time planned. It is now.

No delays

My promises will be fulfilled and therefore I can not delay any of the things that will come down onto the earth. I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and my words will stand for all eternity.

Do not listen to the people who claim that your heavenly Father has delayed the tribulations for any reason. I am here to judge this evil and wicked generation. All is proceeding according to the Masterpiece of the End Times. No delays.


Triple Grace

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