Prophetic Word for the 23rd of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of June 2021 - Behold!

Behold! My day will come as a mighty storm. A day of gloom and darkness. When I will open my portal darkness will ascend onto the earth. Behold! My day and time is here to shift you into the end times.

A day to behold. A day of amazement and wonders in the sky, on earth and under the earth. Everything will change when my portal will open. Behold! My mighty hand will come forth to transform you forever.


My secret place is in the darkness and my voice can be heard through the thunder. Lightning will fall from the skies and the sea is roaring. This is my great day of the return when my son will come for his bride.

Alas, finally this time has arrived and I have given him permission to take the firstborn bride home. He will carry her over the threshold with the innocent children, away from harm's way and away from the wicked generation.


Darkness, gross darkness will cover the earth when this mighty wind, the mighty storm will ascend onto the earth. It will bring a long night in which Satan will try to trap my creation for all eternity.

Bondage, slavery, deception and illusion will be the new normal and most people will not even realize it. Until the day when they will meet my harvesting brides sent to set them free. My Kingdom will prevail. Always!


Triple Grace

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