Prophetic Word for the 23rd of January 2022

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of January 2022 - You will run

You will run not walk in your new destiny. I will accelerate time and space for the harvest to be brought in. It will be a race that will end at the base of Mount Zion with the rapture of my Church.

I have equipped you well for this race against the evil forces. I will run alongside of you so that the victory of my Kingdom is guaranteed. Neither Death nor Hell will prevail over my chosen vessels.

You will run

The seal tribulations will allow you to enter dimensions and places that you have not seen or visited before. In the moment when my ways will become your ways the doors will open to a whole new World.

And you will run through these doors to seek my lost sheep wherever the enemy has bound them. In all realities and you will return them home into my Kingdom and my open arms so that they will find rest.

You will run

At the finishing line of this final race you will receive the Stephanos, the crown of victory. It is reserved for all those of my Kingdom who stayed and served me as never before.

I have promised you great rewards when you walk my path and the crown of victory is one of them. This crown is connected to everlasting life and the rapture into Paradise. Run the race for the prize.


Triple Grace

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