Prophetic Word for the 23rd of April 2022

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of April 2022 - Revival

I have ordered my angels who are standing at the four corners of the earth to hold back the wind so that my son Jesus can choose the harvest workers and warriors for such a time as this.

First the harvest of the lost sheep of the House of Israel must be brought in and then my angels will release the wind that will bring forth the Antichrist who will rule the whole world as the new Pharaoh.


First a revival is coming for my churches, my harvest workers and for the US. The final rising before the darkness will overcome many of my children and they will then be bound in New Egypt.

2.5 years of harvest, revival and return to my Kingdom. A multitude clothed in white will be gathered from all tribes and nations in the world. The ones who will clean their garments in the blood of the lamb.


During this time period of revival will my truth be spoken in many places and the prodigal sons and daughters will receive a chance to return home to their true Father. A time of seeking my Kingdom as never before.

Then thereafter the enemy will get his time to spread the doctrines of Lucifer and to persecute my children and my Saints on earth but I will place a covering and a hedge of protection over every dwelling place of Zion. But first the revival so that no soul gets lost.


Triple Grace

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